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Our Services



Expert plastering, transforming spaces with precision and durability



Bringing vibrant color and flawless finishes to spaces with skilled painting services


Bathroom Installation 

Crafting luxurious and functional bathrooms with skilled installation services


Kitchen Design

Transforming spaces with innovative kitchen designs

Wha we do

We can also offer

  • Home Improvements

  • Exterior Paint

  • Property Maintenance

  • Furniture building

  • Wallpapers

  • Plumbing

  • Flooring


3 step process

Kitchen Dark Cabinets





Contact us

Either via. a phonecall, or by using the contact-forms on the service-pages. Explain your idea/problem and we will find a solution.


Receive and estimate

We will give you an estimate of how much time and how much it will cost, to complete the project.


We get to work

As soon as we have receive confirmation from you, we will start the project and update you on the process. 

See why our clients love us!

We post our client-testimonials, workshop updates, give out discount from time to time, and share a funny moment from time to time. See how we do all the work you guys love us for, and get more familiar with the team, and with the fulfilment as well. 

Maybe you have a question? Ask us in the comments. You got an idea? Let us know! Want to make sure we get seen by others? Give us a like and a thumbs up. We always like to interact with the people who make our job possible and we are always prepared to take care of you (and your car's), needs. Check us out with the button below!

Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Sink

DD North East Services
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Call us today and receive a free estimate

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